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High-Throughput Testing

At MRL, we are working to remove barriers for reliable, fast certification of additive manufacturing feedstock, machines, and processes. Part of this effort includes development of high-throughput methods and machines for uniaxial tensile and bending fatigue testing (low cycle, high cycle, and ultra high-cycle fatigue).We have developed and manufactured fixtures for simplification and parallelization of fabrication, machining, and testing of coupon samples that are uniquely designed for ease of additive manufacturing in multiple orientations. We have demonstrated alignment of test results for wrought material with MMPDS data, and are currently expanding our success to additively manufactured samples as well as increasing the number of samples tested in parallel for each machine.

Conventional Testing

In addition to the development of high-throughput methods, MRL has in-house capabilities to perform conventional tensile, fatigue, and microhardness testing, meeting ASTM standards (ASTM-E8/E8M, ASTM-E466 and ASTM-E606), and provide detailed analysis of test results. Universal testing machines (2 MTS machines, one hydraulic and one mechanical motor driven)

  • Tension and compression
  • Standard test coupons
  • Custom test fixtures fabricated in-house for complex parts
  • Fatigue testing machines
  • Axial (MTS UTMs)
  • Bending (Goodman Diagram Maker) 25Hz with a capacity to test 12-24 samples at any given time
  • Non-contact and contact strain measurement
  • 2D and 3D digital image correlation (DIC) for non-contact strain measurement
  • Standard contact strain measurement with strain gauge, extensometer
  • High temperature testing (Up to 700°C)
  • High strain rate testing (Up to 200/s)